October 28, 2014

Goddess Goodies: Jellied Brain Cupcakes

I have had these cupcake molds about as long as I have had the tea-cup molds I used for my Earl Grey Cupcakes, I've just been waiting for the right moment to break them out. Halloween is always the right moment for jellied brains, right?

For these cupcakes, I decided a bone-white and red-velvet mix would be more than theatrically suitable for my purposes. I used boxed cake mix, but instead of following the exact directions/proportions on the back of the box I did the following: I replaced the oil with butter and doubled the amount, replaced the water with milk, and added an extra egg. I blended with my hand mixer until fully combined.

I kept the mix separated until it was about to go into the cupcake liner. I filled the bottom of the liner with the bone white cake mix, and topped it in the center with red velvet. I made sure to spread the red velvet around for a slightly runny effect.

After they were removed from the oven, I used a frosting spackle and carved a hole on the top of each cupcake. I scooped out about a teaspoon worth of cake, and stuffed the resulting hole with strawberry jelly. For smaller cupcakes (which I made with the remaining batter) you can simply use a large frosting tip to get the puncture work done.

Once the displaced cake had been replaced, I went to work on the frosting. I whipped up a simple batch of buttercream frosting. I then "capped" the skulls with a neat layer of the frosting.

The end result was both spooky and delicious. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

xoxo, Ali