Hey there everyone! I'm Ali. I'm a super cheesy blogger, owner of Sourdough Photography and Honeycomb Mosaic,  avid people watcher, and Jimmy John's connoisseur. I love adventuring in all shapes and forms. I'm game for anything, like trying a new restaurant or climbing abandoned silos. 
My goals are to live as happily and positively as possible, see the whole world, and meet/talk to as many people as I can. I love reading and watching old-fashioned crime shows. I'm absolutely obsessed with cooking new and strange things. I am a vegetarian, but you'll never know it because I cook things that are accessible to everyone. I'm an avid list maker who loves to write letters, and I love my plants more than most people. 

This blog serves as an archive of my personal style, ever changing hair colors, recipes, adventures, and life itself. I hope to get to know y'all well over the coming months!
Until next time,

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