July 17, 2014

What I've Been Reading: GIRLBOSS

Yes, this book entirely deserves its own post. If you are a small business owner and have any sense of humor, you must read this book... no, you must devour this book. If you aren't interested, watch this video.


Interested now? Yeah, I thought so. Sofia Amuroso opens her life and details how she went from a "crust-punk freegan" to the CEO of a multi-million dollar fashion company. This is not quite the traditional business how-to or the classic Cinderella story. Sofia's advice feels like your big sister teaching you how to curl your eyelashes, effortless and low key, but always honest. Though she didn't always know her shit, she figured it out and is eager to share her learning process. I cannot recommend this book enough. It gives great advice on subjects from dealing with your customers to writing a resume and holding down a job. From the first page she whips you int #GIRLBOSS shape with her wit and divine sense of herself. Furthermore, you do not complete the book with an idea of her as a heroine, you leave with a "how-to" of how to become your own hero.

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